In three videos, curator Marten Kuijper tells the story of the exhibition Sicco Mansholt. A Good European. Studio PolyLester has interpreted Mansholt’s story for Het Nieuwe Instituut in an installation made up of five scenes paralleling the five acts of the classic tragedy. Through the use of informational films and historical and contemporary footage of people who witnessed the modernisation of the Dutch landscape, it shows how Mansholt’s ideas took root.

Sicco Mansholt. About the exhibition (in Dutch)

Sicco Mansholt. An act in five parts (in Dutch)

Sicco Mansholt. Boer en Landschap (in Dutch)

Sicco Mansholt: A Good European succeeded the exhibition Mansholt: Landscape in Perspective, which took place at Bureau Europa in Maastricht in early 2014. While the show at Bureau Europa focused on Mansholt’s policy, this one concentrates on his political and social biography.